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Pritchard Bond Architects have developed an excellent reputation for  above all successfully meeting the  needs of our clients, from the intial briefing stage working with you to ensure  there is a clear understanding of your requirements,  through the detail design stage  and, if required,  administering the construction phase right up to completion of the project. Whatever the project You can always be assured your needs are placed highest on our design agenda. More often than not clients  develop into friends, such is the desire to successfully address our clients' requirements and You can also be assured your project will be handled by  Steve Bond a fully qualified ARB registered Architect.


Unlike many of our competitors  Pritchard Bond Architects' design solutions do not put architecture above all other criteria they are firstly; functional i.e suitable for the client's intended use, secondly they are  aesthetically pleasing and  they are of course developed with  due consideration to  the client's budget.  We  ensure schemes are well developed and  have due regard for the site  thus projects are developed that have an excellent chance of getting planning consent.   To date we have an enviable record of  success  in obtaining planning consent  for both residential  and commercial projects with only 3 schemes  having been refused in the last 15 years. One of which, the consent was subsequently secured following resubmission.


We recognise that  our clients  primarily require a solution which is suitable  for them to  undertake the intended activity, (or a range of activities) and secondly for  this activity to be enhanced by  undertaking it in a pleasing environment.   When developing any design we adopt our  "Nearness to Need" Philosophy i.e.  The needs of the client. (functionalism); the needs of the Site, (appropriateness); and the needs of Architecture, (Aesthetics and scale). We combine this primary need for functionality with  quality design solutions, thus ensuring best value for money of the finished product is achieved.  


Our proven track record is testiment to the professional approach adopted on all projects and the  successful client relationships  developed. Of Course  When necessary we work closely with other  appointed consultants with whom we have a succesful proven track record to simplify the whole process for you the client. 

Pritchard Bond Architects stands out

Because we have:

  • A clear understanding of our client's requirements and thier needs are always at the fore.
  • An excellent track record in securing planning consent
  • A proven track record with both private and public clients in a wide range of sectors including Refurbishment,  (inc. Listed buildings), and  residential and commercial.
  • A wide range of services to suit your needs.


If you are looking for an Architect who provides quality design solutions that above all meet your needs then contact Steve Bond

please call us on 01492 593051 or use our contact form.

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